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Dec 5, 2013 10:00am EST
% to 10%? certainly. >> what about taxes? don't other aspects of tax reform like closing loopholes and changing the deductibility -- aren't they much more important for your business? >> that would be a material negative to our business. >> are you afraid of tax reform? >> no. the market will adjust. our business will go on. it is happen in places like germany and denmark. happened in places like germany and denmark. it will not be catastrophic for our business. would it be good? no, it would not be good, but i do not see it happening. it is an underpinning of the economy. achievea good way to that. >> let's talk about what you are doing in europe. you move from london to the u.s. 18 months ago. is that giving us a signal that the opportunities are here. no, i was 11 years in london and i wanted to raise my kids as americans. there are great opportunities in europe, but the u.s. is relatively more attractive because in your up you will have more volatility and lower growth. return -- youter ought to earn a better return in europe then the united states . being very selective. we ha
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
reduce the automatic budget cuts called for by sequestration but it won't do anything about corporate tax breaks. i want to take us to washington and bring in al hunt. i guess i can't believe people are talking about the great he'll be negotiated. what is this deal? no entitlement reform, no tax hikes, that is no nothing. >> it is very close to that. deal that has politics written all over it, not much economics or fiscal sanity. i think they will come up with a deal. it is not certain they can get it through the house and senate. it does nothing for long-term entitlements, nothing for tax loopholes. it only partially replaces the sequester, which most people think is mindless. pure andent for it is simple. for the republicans, they avoid another government shutdown in mid-january. the last one was a disaster for them. ofocrats get to replace some those questioned cuts they find especially onerous. >> it was a disaster for republicans but it was a disaster for the reputation. what about the american people and for trillion dollars in debt? term thatface a short problem. ist they ought to
Dec 6, 2013 10:00am EST
the automatic spending cuts. other areas and some new revenue would not involve any tax increases or major entitlement reforms. none of those big-ticket items. even the smaller deal is proving to be a challenge right now. >> it just seems like every thought that we have had on this set says that we have to have entitlement reform. if those issues are not on the table, what is the point of this? >> the only point is to provide some certainty in the short term. there is a case that we made here, a lot of people are skeptical of. if they can reach the smaller deal in one or two years, maybe that gives a comfort zone or some opportunity to strike a larger deal. they will not cut a grand bargain. certainly with the election coming up, no way they won't mess with entitlements. if that is the case, then a anll deal loan may be option. at least something they could build off of. >> how do you think the tea party will build on this? >> they will not like some things in this. there are some things in here that not everyone likes. there talking about an aviation can -- security fee. that is one issue
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3